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My last two posts have been focused on Bar Prep – part of my eight piece series. Expect more great content on that topic, and law school as a whole, in the upcoming weeks/months!

Today I wanted to get back to the overarching focus of the blog: young entrepreneurs (including soon-to-be attorneys!). Later posts will focus on industry specifics such as independent photographers, event planners, film gurus and more.

So… The big question is, what do entrepreneurs of all industries have in common? Answer: The ability to set and achieve attainable goals of success. By utilizing my four steps, you too can start to achieve success in any situation – whether that be studying for the bar, starting law school, or opening your own business. I am here to help you through it all!

  1. Visualize the end game
    Always keep your goals in mind. Things are often tough on the road to financial success, but keeping your mind on the big picture can help you push through. My goal for this website has always been bigger than just a simple blog. I have dreams of really connecting with people and helping them in whatever stage of their career they are in.
    While working on this project, I have hit more than one speed bump: website design is not my thing, I never seem to have the perfect idea for a post, finding the perfect shade of pink is very difficult (lol). The only thing to keep me pushing through is my goal of creating a space for entrepreneurs of any industry to reach out and gather invaluable information. Fuel your vision each day and see your vision really take root in your life.
  2. Create accountability
    I don’t know what type of person you are, but I need to be held accountable. My closest friends and family will tell you, while I am pretty self-motivated, I tend to lose track of what I am doing without much of a struggle. The best way I have found to combat my absent-mindedness is to create accountability partners who point me in the right direction. Some of my best partners are also my biggest fans – that makes it a little easier to take their (incessant) directions. If you are looking for an accountability partner, look at your friends… Are they going through similar situations? Could you possibly encourage them and receive the same in return?
    There are also countless apps you can download to limit wasted time. My personal favorite while studying or working on a new post is “Be Focused” on the Apple App Store. This app allows you to set specific parameters for focused time, and sends an alert once it has elapsed. Even something as simple as this can help create accountability and ensure you are working you hardest, for the shortest amount of time – following my favorite mantra: “work smarter, not harder.”
  3.  Be realistic
    Know your limits and work around them. I am all about making a plan, especially when it comes to something as important as ensuring your success. However, always remember that part of making your own plan also means you are able to change your own plan. Staying flexible can help you recognize issues before they arise. If your schedule is way too packed and you know you won’t produce your best work that day, it’s better to push some things around than to push through and potentially produce half-assed work.
    Everyone has their own set of skills and expertise. Find yours and use them to your advantage. I figured out pretty quickly into creating this website that development and design was not my thing. Thankfully, I was able to find an amazing web designer and shift some of that work to him. While it would be great for me to be amazing at everything – realistically, I am not and there are so many people who are way better. Find those people and use their skills to help alter your plans as needed.
  4. Remember the little things
    Even when things get tough, don’t forget how many amazing little things have surrounded your experience! Every entrepreneur has a story that is unique to him – what drives him, surprises him, makes him tick. Think about your story and consider what you might tell someone who asked about your journey. Were you able to stay focused but laugh at the little things? Did you burn out and realize that you had to stay physically and mentally focused in order to succeed?
    In either circumstance, learn to leverage everything. The bad times allow for just as much, if not more, growth as the good times. Take a moment to ground yourself, wherever you are, and just breathe. No matter where you are in your journey as a successful entrepreneur (student, studier, owner, grower), remembering the little things can encourage yourself and others. Mindfulness can become one of the key tools for your success, if you begin to use it early on.

So, how can you achieve success, no matter your industry or position? By recognizing where you are in your journey, staying realistic and accountable, and never losing site of your end goal.  

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