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Hey guys! I’m Brittany and I just started law school at South Texas College of Law Houston in January. I’m here to give y’all a quick and honest run down of what to expect in the starting stages of your law school journey. Soo, WELCOME TO ENTERING LAW SCHOOL 101!

Congrats on starting this new adventure! At first, it’s very overwhelming but I’m here to give some honest advice and to answer any questions y’all may have 🙂

I know it’s summer and the LAST thing we all want to think about it going back to school, but let’s be real orientation is coming up and then your first day of classes (!!!) There’s no better place to start than the beginning, so let’s jump right in to orientation. Orientation, for me at least, was terrifying. I didn’t know the layout of the school, how parking worked, what to wear, what to bring, what to eat, who I’d sit with… I could go on but I  ~think~  y’all get it.

So, here’s a few things I wish I would have known:

  1. Do some prior prep!

For sure I would recommend looking on the school’s newly admitted students page to check if they are providing lunch and the hours of the orientation. Also, driving by your school before just showing up on the day of orientation. This will allow you to scope out parking, find where the front door is and give you a WAY less stressful drive to orientation since you’ve done it before!

  1. Put yourself together!

First impressions matter, and this is your time to shine. Whether that means doing your hair and makeup, or simply wearing your favorite outfit, whatever makes you feel confident and ready to take on this new chapter. This is essentially the first day of the rest of your law life!

  1. Show up prepared!

I would recommend just bringing a notebook and a writing utensil. You don’t want to start off  ~that~  person who has to ask for notes before classes even start.

  1. Be friendly!

When you get to school be nice to everyone and don’t be scared to talk to the people at the front desk if you need help, they’re happy to help (I promise).

  1. Don’t be intimidated by anyone!

These people are your classmates for the next few years, so just go sit down next to someone and give them a friendly smile. Everyone is just a nervous as you, it’s cheesy but it’s really true.

  1. Lastly, PAY ATTENTION!!!

They give not only a lot of information at orientation, but a lot of IMPORTANT information (this is where the notebook and pen come in handy).

See, not so bad, right?

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