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I’ve mentioned in past posts that I used Adaptibar to practice MBE questions. If you haven’t done so already, I would totally recommend checking it out! MBE questions are tough and half the time don’t make sense… At least with Adaptibar, you can get some solid practice (failing, winning – either way!).

After missing way too many contracts questions early on in my studying, I started thinking that there must be an easier way of doing this. Surely the BLE can’t expect us to know every stupid application of every single law. I spent the rest of that afternoon in a near-frenzy, choosing answers at random and then writing down notes from the explanations. What I slowly began to realize was, like nearly any other manmade exam, the MBE questions follow distinct patterns.

If a question was about nuisance, for example, the correct answer would almost always include the words “reasonable” and “foreseeable.” You are probably reading this like, “Duh Katie, that is what nuisance is,” but stay with me…

Once I recognized those key words, I was able to draw patterns and inferences for every topic, in every subject. After an additional day of work, I created six excel spreadsheets that detailed topics and key words from their definitions that were nearly always included in the correct answer. Instead of reading the mumbo-jumbo from the choices, I was able to read the facts of the problem, skim the possible answers, and quickly choose the correct one. Did this work every single time? No. But did it make up for some lost time during the real test? OH HECK YES.

By using my MBE Study Guides, I was able to finish the morning MBE with 16 minutes to spare and the afternoon MBE with 25 minutes to spare. I know that sounds crazy, but ask anyone who knows me personally or who was there that day and I am pretty sure they will remember a girl who confidently turned her test in WAY before time and then proceeded to sit outside Discovery Green, enjoying a Diet Coke in peace. 😉

If you want similar results, I am offering my one page study guides at a discounted price of $10 per MBE subject. Criminal Law and Torts are broken into three pages each, for the same price, as they cover more definition type questions. You can also buy a bundle of ALL SIX study guides for $50! These guides are valued at over $50 each. After extensive research online and with current Bar Takers, I decided I would rather provide the material at a large discount because I have been there and know just how much “even” $50 is right now.

For the best results, I suggest using the study guides as you work through MBE practice questions. Make your own notes, if you’d like, and get familiar with the material. The day of the MBE (more day-of action in a few weeks!), bring your one page study guides with you and memorize whatever keywords you don’t already have stuffed inside your head. Speaking from experience, the more random quick knowledge you can memorize ahead of time, the better you feel during the test. You won’t be scrambling to comprehend what is being asked; you will be scrambling to GTHO! (Ha!)

I cannot guarantee that these study guides will help you get a perfect score or that they will have every single answer to your questions. But I can guarantee that this is the exact material that I used to study, when I blew away the MBE portion of the Bar Exam – without a commercial program.

I can also guarantee that I will be available 24/7 until the Bar Exam to answer any questions or issues you may run into regarding the MBE Study Guides, or anything else! My brain is all yours! In addition to the MBE Study Guides, I am also offering hour-long tutoring sessions on any topic you may need help with, for only $25.

Later this week, I will be explaining in detail how I mastered the Texas Essay portion of the Bar Exam. Next week, be on the lookout for sample essays and additional guidance on what the essay writers (Examiners) are thinking when they write each of the questions.

For now, check out the sample below from the Criminal Law Study Guide:

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

(Click HERE to get to our contact page and we will get with you as soon as we can)

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