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Hey guys! It’s me again, your favorite 1L, and I’m back again to give you some tips for your first semester of law school (AHHH!!)

First things first, do the class assignments. This is not going to be like undergrad where you can just ~chill~ OOH NOO, you need to have those pages read, cases briefed and the syllabus pretty much memorized. No matter what’s on the schedule, do not be surprised if professors calls on you. So, BE PREPARED!

Secondly, during lectures in most law schools you will be expected to brief an entire case aloud to the class, flyin’ solo. Typically, your professor will call on you and ask you questions or they will tell you the general information they want you to cover (summarize case facts, issue, rule of law, holding). THIS CAN HAPPEN, and probably will, EVEN IN YOUR FIRST SEMESTER. So, BE PREPARED!

Third off, get to class on time. Simple as that! This is law school and your “there was traffic” or “I slept through my alarm” excuses won’t fly, so don’t try. Be sure to give yourself time for unexpected traffic, full parking lots and any other ~unexpected~ things that might come up. Some professors will not let you into your class if you are late, and YEP they are allowed to do that. So, when leaving for school every morning BE PREPARED!

Lastly, talk to your classmates! They’re all just as freaked out and nervous, I promise. Just strike up a conversation with the person you end up sitting next to. They don’t have to become your law school bestie, but it will be nice to have someone who you can eat lunch with and find your next classroom with. Your classmates may seem intimidating, but you’ll be with them for the next three years, so BE PREPARED….to make new friends and step out of your comfort zone.

The first day of anything new can be quite nerve-racking, but don’t worry YOU GOT THIS!

As always, if you need any help with anything at all, feel free to contact me or Katie.

Now go in there and kick some law school booty!!

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