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About Katie Haynes

I’m Katie – a 28 year old attorney based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I teach at Oklahoma City University School of Law in the Academic Achievement department. That means I help 1Ls adjust to law school and 3Ls crush the Bar Exam. I have been doing essay predictions for the last SEVEN Bars and have correctly predicted 85% of essay topics over the last three years.

I am passionate about traveling, reading, and general wellness. In my free time, I love hitting the dog park with my chocolate lab, Daisy. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2015, majoring in Film and Political Science, and from South Texas College of Law Houston in 2017. 

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“Thank you Legally Katie for the great help. I took the bar and 11 out of the 12 predictions were correct! I was blown away and so happy I had these resources to help me during my studies! :D”

– C H

I cannot recommend this enough! Essays will always be the bane of my existence, but these predictions were spot on and helped me a ton in guiding me on what to study for the bar. Thank you Legally Katie for the great help.

-N R


‘What I needed most this year is someone’s help during one of the hardest things I would every try and do in my life. I got that help by buying one of Katie’s (Legally Katie’s) prediction sets. It was a life saver and I am so grateful to have had it!

-H D



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